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March 2016
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Bridging the Mind and Heart

March 12, 2016   


A healing issue that has been presenting itself repeatedly in friends, family and my own body involves an extreme tightness at the occipital ridge, the bottom of the back of the skull, resulting in pain and limited movement. In a healing session today, I received great insights from Archangel Michael, Mother Mary and Lady Nada that explained the deeper significance of this issue, and their assistance in working through me to help clear the energetic blockage. My guidance is often seen in detailed images to explain the circumstances. While Saranam worked wonders on our client’s neck and head to release the muscle tension, I worked in the etheric moving the energy and bringing in light. Archangel Michael came in to show me a small stone wall around the client’s heart that he began knocking down. Mother Mary and Lady Nada sent pink rose light through my hands to our client’s heart. I saw them showering the client’s heart with pink roses where the wall had been. Then Archangel Michael showed me a stone wall to represent a blockage on the left half of the client’s occipital ridge. He explained that this occiput area is a critical gateway, bridging the mind and the heart. He showed how the energy flow coming up the central column hit the wall and had to go up and over it to pass, greatly slowing the flow.  As he sent blue light through my hands, I saw him use his mighty sword to tear down the wall. He rebuilt it in the form of a stone archway and bridge, and then Mother Mary and Lady Nada lined the path across the bridge with pink rose petals. I felt the energy begin to flow freely again up the channel. This imagery was a beautiful representation of the need to clear our channels, particularly at the occiput, to fully bridge the mind and heart so they may work together in harmony with the combination of a strong foundation of mental discernment~the stone bridge~and the soft, loving energy of the heart~the pink rose petals.

Everything is Changed after March Eclipse

March 11, 2016   


The recent solar eclipse has ushered in a phase of intense purification.  Expect old and even forgotten emotions and traumas to come to the surface now to be released.  Call on Divine assistance to help you through this process.  There are many angels and star relatives ready to assist you at this time.  There is a blazing, radiant energy coming through the Sun and the Great Central Sun at this time burning up all old karmic debts, relationships and contracts as you offer them at this time.  Your free will is still honored and required to complete this process.  As you become a willing and active participant in this current purging process, you will be amazed at the speed and the ease with which old emotions and fear-based blocked energy is released.


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