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August 2016
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Hilarion 8/21 – Changing Times

August 23, 2016   

hilarionAugust 21-28, 2016

Beloved Ones,

You are all in the midst of ingesting yet another frequency shift. It is now occurring. There is much that is still being cleansed from your systems. You must remember, Dear Ones, that there are layers upon layers that have been encapsulated, so to speak, which require a slow, safe and gentle cleansing in order to keep you still functioning without succumbing to the chaotic energies that abound in this world or seemingly so. There is much that will be coming forth in the coming months that will make each person on the planet, that will make the minds and hearts of the people of the planet reel, trying to absorb all that is being given to them, that is being mirrored to them in the external world.

It will be a time when all the people of the world will feel fragmented and unable to deal with all the changes that are taking place but ultimately all will come together in a new way, a new beginning that will truly honor each soul upon the planet. Each of you have been prepared for these times, each of you has the training, the knowledge and the ability to be of great use in keeping stability as a primary focus. It behooves you to realize that this is the function that is required during these times, that you keep a level head and try to see the higher perspective of all that is happening and maintain stability, maintain the Light.

The greatest value that you could offer to humanity during these coming times is unconditional love and acceptance. Many people will feel that they are losing their grip, their minds, everything that mattered to them. You it is who play a valuable role as these events occur. Many people within the western worlds who have enjoyed peace and abundance living a joyful and eventful life will find themselves experiencing the feeling that their lives have bottomed out, as though they were made on quicksand. This will require your coming together and giving your energies to create that stability that will be needed. As we have said, ultimately it is all good. All that will be occurring will be good.

New ways of being, new ways of administering to the needs of the people of each nation will come into practice in a way that will be beneficial for their citizens. Those who lived in ultimate luxury will find themselves drifting without knowing what to do. During a frequency shift it is difficult to stay connected to the higher realms, this is a temporary situation and will resume when the energy fluxes have become more stabilized. In the meantime, all the hidden realities that have been kept from the people of the world will continue to come forth in record speeds. This is what will put the people of the world on overwhelm wondering how it is that they could not have known these things. They will be hard put to try to absorb all that is occurring. Tempers will be frayed as people feel overwhelmed and unable to cope.

Life on the planet will take on a surreal aspect. Eventually all will be restored to Divine order and it will be better than before. We ask the Lightworkers of the world to earnestly uphold the Light within themselves and for the highest good of all. There is a balancing that is taking place and will continue to do so until the structures of the world are renewed, restored and functioning in a more better way that takes into account the needs of all the citizens of the planet. After the chaos comes the good. Those roots will be planted firmly. It will require the combined efforts of many people to establish the new structures but it will be well worth it.

Beloved Lightworkers, you are the hope of the world, you are those who are self responsible in a new form of government where all people accept responsibility for all their thoughts, words and deeds, everything that swirls within their consciousness. For that is the Divine way, to be fully responsible for one’s self, one’s being, one’s sphere of influence in the environment around them. As more and more people realize this, peace will truly be established upon your planet. All will begin to function with great harmony. The days ahead are filled with hope, remember that. Be well, for all is well.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

2009-2016 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana

The Hilarion Connection©, Book One available here  

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Everyone’s Destiny

August 10, 2016   

saranamIn my understanding, healing is another word for awakening or self-realization.  The Divine Presence has never left you.  It is deep within your heart waiting for your awareness to return.  In that awakening, all your false beliefs about yourself will fall away until you are left standing in the radiant splendor of your true self.  This is everyone’s destiny.

Entering a New Reality

August 9, 2016   

saranamTo truly enter a new reality, you must let go of all the beliefs you have acquired since infancy about what is real, what is possible, what is important, and who you are.  That is because you have been dutifully creating your current reality according you what you believe is real, possible and important.  You are a powerful creator!

When you truly shed your false persona (or false ego) that you made from all these false beliefs and you inner self is revealed, then you are free to create a new reality based on the certainty of your oneness with the Source of Creation.


Call to Service

August 7, 2016   


Those of us who came here on a mission are being called to make our service our highest life priority. If you do not make service your priority, you will be confused because pursuing the usual human desires will not make sense anymore. If you do make service your priority, new opportunities will open for you. There may still be challenges as past fears come up to be processed and released (fear of persecution is a big one for healers to face at this time), but over all, your life will feel more blessed. Know that now we are in different times, and the trials of the past are gone. As you release you fears and step into your power, you will find many spirits of the Light joining you to assist you on your mission. The Earth, herself, is supporting you with her increasingly elevated frequencies of ascension.
Blessings on your journey! -Saranam
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