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September 2016
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We are in the Midst of an Expanding Vortex

September 17, 2016   

saranamWe are in the midst of an expanding vortex of accelerating energy. The acceleration is steadily raising the frequency of the oscillating energy field. My experience of the vortex is a high-energy expansion from within, which at times can be quite intense, giving a sensation we associate with excitement or anxiety depending on our outlook. As our core energy column expands, much more energy or light is available to each of us to use in clearing parasitic entities and cords that still remain and also to shed fear-based constructions of our own that we have created in response to the presence of the lower-vibration or dense entities, cords and devices in our fields. There is much armor and shielding to release at this time as we realize that the high-intensity light available to us now can dissolve all dark or dense forms in our fields, and so this light offers us much better protection than the shields we had previously constructed. There is free will in this process, so you must choose to use the energy available to you for clearing. The more willing you are to release false personas that you have developed in the presence of dense energies, the easier this process will be. It is a time to shed false images of yourself and let your true self (or at least a truer self) be revealed. This process is happening now; remain present to actualize the changes available to you now.

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