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November 2016
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Clearing Parasitic Entities

November 14, 2016   

saranamThis is a big subject and one you don’t find much written about. Here I’m going to give some basic tips to help you clear these parasitic entities. These entities are drawn to places in your energy body where you are feeling fear, guilt, shame, hate or self-hate, anger, blame, or feelings you give a different name that are in that vibrational range. Feelings like these that disrupt your natural flow of Love and create energy ‘leaks’ are food for these entities. Typically they will form an energy ‘cord’ in the affected chakra or chakras, often in the back of the chakra, and feed. Like physical parasites that can influence your cravings for foods they like, these energetic parasites can also influence your consciousness, encouraging you to dwell on thoughts that create more of the feelings they like.

Clearing entities can give you a feeling of space for a while, but they will almost always return until you process and release the emotions that attracted them in the first place. So the clearing process I describe below should always be used in tandem with an emotional clearing process of your choice. Sometimes just acknowledging the blocking emotions is enough to allow you to release them. Sometimes realizing that they were taught to you and do not really belong to you does the trick. That is the truth. You are a being of Love. None of these fear-based emotions truly belong to you.

The first step to clearing entities is to become aware of the Power of Love within you. I do this by going outside, in the sun preferably, with my bare feet on the earth preferably, and entering a meditative state while standing. I bring my center of awareness to my heart, and with all the Love I can feel, I send that Love down my spine, down into the earth, and down, down, down to the heart of Mother Earth. Then I wait until I feel her Love return to me, and I allow it to flow throughout my being. Next from my heart I send all my Love up through my spine out the top of my head and up, up, up to the heart of Father Sun (the sun feels like a father to me, but it feels like a mother to some people – both the earth and the sun have male and female qualities). Then again I wait until the sun sends his Love back down to me. This meditation will get your heart charged up with powerful Love, so you are ready to clear your chakras.

In order to clear entities you must be able to feel or see where they are. So the next step is to go through your chakras one by one and feel/see if they are open or blocked. If a chakra is block, send your Love there, and push out with your Love both in the front and the back. Sometimes minor chakras like the sides of the head, the soles of the feet or hands, and even the backs of the knees can be affected, so check everywhere. You can call on angels or guides to help you with this process. If you are having trouble clearing a particular chakra, try sending out laser beams of Powerful Clearing Love to dissolve anything that is not of Love. You can also send out high-intensity bursts of Love to clear a chakra and dislodge anything present there. You can do all these things even if you cannot clearly feel or see any entities. I recommend practicing this clearing technique at least once a day. Call it energy hygiene. Also remember if a chakra (energy center) still feels heavy or blocked after your clearing, you probably have emotions you need to release from that place. Use your intuition to get in touch with the emotions and let them go. When I am releasing guilt or shame or fear or self-hate in this way I usually see/feel it as a dark stream of energy flowing out of the affected chakra or chakras. It usually takes a little while for it to all flow out.

Here is a secret: Every entity has a pure soul. If it does not have a soul, it is either a vision you have created (a projection of your consciousness), or it is a projection of another being’s consciousness, and that other being has a soul. These entities have denied their connection to the Source of Creation, so they have forgotten their souls, but they still exist as a spark within each of them. From your heart, from the center of your Love, from your soul you can ‘look through’ or ‘pierce through’ their false (and usually dark and frightening) appearance to connect with the pure soul within them. You will feel/see this when it happens. As soon as it does, their soul will start to brighten, and their false form will start to dissolve or transform. In my experience, when I connect with an entity in this way they almost always try to flee. They are not prepared to accept their connection with the Source, and awakening them to it feels to them like their undoing, the dissolution of who they believe themselves to be.

Sometimes entities get into your dreams, usually to instill fear in you. If you awaken from a dream like this, it is very important to immediately have a conscious waking vision while still in the alpha state in order to change the outcome of the dream. You can use the techniques above to dissolve the false forms of the threatening entities or any other vision you choose to empower yourself and defeat or dissolve them. You are a powerful dreamer. Use your dreams to create from Love.

About cutting cords, some people who can see an unhealthy connection in one of their chakras will visualize some kind of sword or knife or scissors and cut the cord with the entity. That will usually bring some temporary relief, enough to let you feel your own energy again. I am generally guided to ‘push out with Love,’ but use whatever technique feels empowering to you. The more you are empowered with Love, the less you will be bothered.

I hope that helps you to move forward on your healing path. Clearing is a daily practice, part of your continuing evolution.

Blessings on your journey! -Saranam

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