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Activating Higher Chakras

March 23, 2019

Instructions to access and activate five chakras above the crown chakra to bring in higher-dimensional energy and connect with the higher self

Get a Free Reading

March 4, 2019

Get a free min-reading of your chakras and energy field from saranam at www.saranam.us

Earth Energy Update 2/18

February 19, 2019

Feb 18, 2019: Noticeable increase in Earth Mother’s energy:

Earth Energy Update 2/8

February 9, 2019

Saranam’s insights on recent Earth energy shifts:

Protection Grids

February 1, 2019

I recently had a client who was experiencing repeated aggressive attacks, and no matter how much or how often we cleared together, she was unable to channel enough Divine Light to repel the attacks. The protection grid that Tara and Waireti offer, with the assistance of the ascended masters, gave my client some breathing room. She could still feel the entities around her trying to attack, and that would feel like pin pricks to her, but the entities were unable to actually penetrate the protection grid and attach to her. So that was an immense improvement, and it gave her the freedom to continue doing her inner work without being under constant attack.

In my previous article, I talk about removing and dissolving shields, but I am talking about the fear-based shields the people construct themselves, unconsciously. These fear-based shields are not really effective. However, the protection grids constructed by the masters are love-based constructions, and I have observed that they do work! Here is the original article on protection grids from Tara and Waireti’s site:


It seems time to talk about Protection grids. It is one of those topics that brings in weekly questions, mostly from those who are clairsentient and can feel energy, or know people who can see entities. Entities are not a topic many people want to read about. It’s the mucky side, the dark side, and for many something they just don’t want to know about.

I was never one of these, as from the age of three I could see soul eaters. No child wants to witness the dark side and know their fears are alive and exist, not under the bed, but in the world we live in. I wish the protection grids were around when I was three!

When we started to help the Masters in their project to bring their portal down to this reality, we were under constant attack from the dark side and from psychic attack from people. Waireti especially was targeted, as she hadn’t had the years of battle with the dark side that I had. So we asked the Masters for some type of protection that meant our energy could be focused on them and their work and not on the constant attacks and battles that surrounded us.

The result was the protection grid. We were the test subjects. Because Waireti can see all, she could see how they were created by the Masters and how they worked on a visual level. What a relief to know the attacks were outside of the grid and we were sitting nice and cozy within the grid. We could still feel the attack occurring, and hear it and see it, but the energy was not getting through the grid. There was no harm, just safety.

Over the years we have watched and learned about entities and the Masters grids and so here I share our knowledge with you.
There are two reasons the Masters create protection grids – entities and psychic attack. Both come from the dark side.

Entities are not just some random visitor from across the veil. Entities exist around us in staggering numbers. If there are 7 billion people on the planet, we can then say there are 28 billion entities as a rough guesstimate and the number continues to grow as the veil between worlds sees more doorways forming.There are many types of entities from base feeders to demons. The most part they are just feeders, draining humanities energy. Then there are those that influence to be fed, like those that feed off an addiction be it drugs, gambling, eating, drinking, smoking. Then there are those that feed off emotions and influence to maintain their food supply – depression, anger, fear. Imagine the co-dependent feeding that will be occurring in come households. And then there are the entities that feed off human destruction – war entities that ensure death and destruction.

Entities are around all the time, they invade our homes, our sidewalks, our malls, universities, hospitals, they are everywhere. Where there are people, there are entities. So when someone says you have an entity around you, don’t go into a panic attack and take it personally. They are everywhere. We are energy food for entities. They feed on humanity. Feeling tired, irritable, angry, grumpy, depressed, can’t sleep – it is most likely an entity is feeding off your energy. Three in every four people have entities attached to them. It use to be less, but as the veil falls the numbers grow. Most people have more than two entities attached to them. We see babies with entities. Do not think because you are of the Light they will stay away. Their mission is to dim the Light. If you shine bright then you are a target for attack. You are not perfect, no one is, it is the negative within all of us that draws them close.

We thank the Masters daily for creating protection grids that give us a bit of breathing space and for creating a barrier that stops us from being food.

The grid does not remove anyone’s ability to “feel” energy. So if you feel an entity around, then you know your clairsentience gift is working and at least you know you are safe within the grid. Having a grid doesn’t mean entities won’t be around you, that is just naive, nor will you be without awareness. The grid does not prevent those with clairaudience abilities from hearing entities either. The Masters aren’t going to energetically blindfold you or deafen you, so you can imagine entities don’t exist anymore.The Masters want you in your power, aware and alert.

When the grid is constructed by the Ascended Masters you are bought energetically into the Ascended Masters portal. The Masters remove any entities that are attached to you, they repair holes in the aura which are a doorway into you for entities. And then create a personalised protection grid. The grid sits outside the astral body and acts as a force-field. The protection grids have energy running through them.

There is no way the protection grid can be compromised. The Masters are not going to let the dark side penetrate their creation of Light. To say a grid is compromised is to say the dark won over the Ascended Masters Light. The grids are personalised to the energy of the person. Know in your heart you are safe cocooned in the warm light of the Masters while the dark storm battles on around you.

The Masters will remove the grid though if it is being misused. This grid is for Light workers and those of the Light. If a person with this grid were to, through their own free will, engage with the dark side on friendly terms, or were to invite a connection with the dark side, the grid will cease to exist. The grid is only for those of the Light and Light workers and their battle against the dark side. The Masters will not be part of a consensual association with the dark side. Nor will they allow the misuse of the tools they create. Meaning you can’t go and play on the dark side and think the grid will keep you safe.

The second reason the Masters create the protection grids is as a protection against psychic attacks. These attacks come from a person who wishes to cause you harm on an energetic level. This person is working with their dark aspect. The grid will catch the attack and send it back to the sender. So in effect they are attacking themselves.

As a measure against abuse, the protection grid also stops negative energy attacks from you as well, (not that you would.) So if you are consciously sending energy charged negative attacks to another with the intention of harm, the grid will catch them and return them to you. So you are attacking yourself. This personal attack can manifest in a rushing to the toilet, or even vomiting. The body is ridding itself of your own negative energy. (This is not negative thoughts, we all have those and the Masters account for our humanity and the darkness that resides in all of us. The grid is for external battles, not the battles that rage within ourselves.)

Protection Grid

Waireti would like it noted, she sees the grid being created and draws it during the creation process, so you can know what your grid looks like. But once the grid is complete it disappears like a force field. She can see its existence by the energy byplay around it, just like a force field.

The Masters create protection grids for children too. The great part about this is the Masters go into the future and create the grid on the adult and then bring the grid back into the present. So as the child grows the grid is perpetually upgrading.

So remember entities are everywhere, think of yourself walking through a crowd. The grid won’t stop you from feeling, seeing or hearing entities. It will stop them from attaching and feeding off you and influencing your thoughts and actions. The grid returns to sender the negative energy sent to you, so you won’t be harmed.

Once you have a grid and someone says you have entities around you. You will know they are external to the grid, not within the grid.

We sometimes get emails from people saying “I saw a healer and they say I have an entity, but I have a grid, how is that possible? “ In reality it is the healers own entities they sense. When healing the healers entity becomes more active as they sense they have the chance to feed off two people at once. The grid rejects them and they then become even more active trying to figure out what is going on. And this is what the healer picks up. Of course the healer believes it is all about the client and nothing to do with them. All healers need grids to protect themselves from those clients who do have entities. Healers have access to wonderful issues for entities to feed off.

If you feel the Masters Protection Grid is for you, you can order the Protection Grid here.

Dissolving Energy Shields

January 6, 2019

Why would I suggest that a person dissolve his or her energy shields? Don’t we need them for our protection? It would seem so, and in the face of an attack or an emotionally threatening situation, the innate human response is to contract and shield. So it is counter-intuitive to suggest that a person is actually much better protected without the shield, with the affected chakra wide open and Divine Light streaming through. That was an epiphany for me that completely changed my life and the way I work with energy.

Shields are fear-based structures. We erect them, sometimes consciously but usually unconsciously, when we are afraid, when we feel under attack, or when we feel someone’s angry or aggressive emotion pressing in on us. Sometime we erect a shield just to try to insulate ourselves from the harshness and pain we feel in the world around us, especially if we are very empathic. All these situations that seem to justify shielding cause contraction and fear in us, and this is why the shields we make are not very effective: they are made of fear. Each shield we make is programmed by us to watch out for the specific energy we are afraid of and to keep that energy out if possible. That makes our shield a magnet for that feared energy, because they are constantly focused on it, watching out for it. Have you ever wondered why you keep attracting the same kind of energy that you don’t want over and over again? So, you see, shields actually end up doing the opposite of what we hoped they would do, attracting the feared energy rather than repelling it. In addition the presence of the shield in our energy field creates restriction, limiting our full expression.

So if shields are actually a problem rather than a solution, what can we do about them and how do we address the underlying fears that created them? Because of the underlying fears, you will not let go of a shield unless and until you feel like you have something better to protect yourself. Fortunately, the Divine Light that you can draw in through your crown and root chakras, using your breath, has the quality of dissolving or incinerating all fear-based structures. These fear-based structures include the shields that you have made as well as the objects of fear that inspired the creation of the shields.

So using the techniques that I explain in detail in the video section of my website, www.saranam.us, you can breath Divine Light into those areas that are shielded, dissolving both the shields and the fear-based energies they were erected to block. As you push out and expand with the Divine Light, directed by your breath and intention, through the shields, one by one, and into the feared energies, you experience directly that the Divine Light, with its all-dissolving power, actually does protect you better than your fear-based shields. Then, and only then, you can allow your shields to dissolve in the Divine Light as that Light continues to expand, dissolving all the feared energies around you.

The feelings of lightness, relaxation and expansion are tangible as the fear-based shields are dissolved. Now you can experience yourself as a conduit of Divine Light, and you can experience your energy as a unique expression of the Divine Light flowing through you.



The False Persona

January 5, 2019

In my healing work, I often encounter a false persona, or a false layer that covers part or all of an individual, creating for that individual both a false way of perceiving him or herself and also a false way of interacting with the world. In that regard, the false persona is a shield or filter between the individual and the harshness of the world. The false persona has a few aspects. The one I see most commonly is the social mask.

In my experience, the social mask is always attached at the base of the 3rd eye, where the nose meets the eyebrows. There is usually a shield or covering over the 3rd eye, blocking full awareness there, and the social mask grows out of that. I usually see it just like a mask covering the individual’s more authentic self. Clearing the shield over the 3rd eye begins to dislodge the main point of attachment of the social mask, and with some encouragement, the mask usually just peels off. Sometimes a little more clearing is required around the jaw and mouth, and sometimes clearing of the associated block or shield over the throat chakra is required to fully remove the mask. Even then, of course it can return, and I encourage my clients to do a daily practice to keep opening to and exposing the authentic self.

In other parts of the body, the false persona looks like a thin or thick covering, sometimes as thin as a false skin, sometimes as thick as a shroud or blanket that is hiding or protecting a vulnerable or judged part of oneself, sometimes a hard shield protecting some part of oneself from attack. Sometime the covering extends over the whole body, but often times I see it covering or shrouding just one side, usually the left side. I believe this is because people usually hold the more intellectual part of themselves on the right side (controlled by the left brain), and that is the side that fits in more easily with the expectations of society, particularly during the education process. Many people who are gifted as children to see things beyond the 5 senses will be scorned or scolded or shunned or otherwise rejected for expressing what they see or feel, and this leads to the left side (usually) becoming covered so as to hide the part of themselves that is not accepted by their family, teachers or peers.

These covering, whether thick or thin, can be released as an individual breathes light and love into those parts that have been rejected and so hidden or shrouded. As the light and love expand to fill that part of the body, the shroud or covering starts to peel off. In the case of shields or hard coverings, more intensity of light is required, enough so that the individual feels not only that he or she can dissolve the shield, but also that he or she will be better protected by the Divine Light flowing through, dissolving the feared energies. Only when the individual actually experiences the power of the Divine Light to dissolve the objects of fear can he or the truly release the fear-based shield that had been his or her source of protection.

When a person finally peels of his or her false persona, the false layer covering the body, he or she feels much lighter and freer. If there was anxiety, it is usually gone at that point. Imagine how much anxiety a person can have feeling like he or she has to constantly hide his or her true self and guard against it being discovered! Yes, once the authentic self is revealed there is lightness and freedom. But a person must continue with a daily practice until it feels completely natural to exist in the authentic self, and the old false persona, that seemed so necessary for survival, is completely discarded


Implants and Devices

January 4, 2019

In my work, I have seen many different kinds of implants and devices. In every case, the implant or device can be expelled or removed by expanding the affected chakra and pouring Divine Light through it until the device detaches and is swept out of the auric field. Of course, a person must first clear and open his or her crown chakra and connect with the sun as a channel of the Divine Light from above (or otherwise connect directly with the Divine Light) in order to channel a high frequency of light that will dissolve and remove the implants and devices. This should be a daily practice to keep oneself clear of implants and devices. All of these devices are emanating from dense, fear-based astral entities who can not withstand the high-frequency, love-based Divine Light. All of the fear-based structures, devices and implants these dense beings have created are dissolved in the high-frequency Divine Light of Love.

Most of these devices look mechanical or electronic to me, like something you would pull off a computer motherboard. Those devices are square or rectangular with many pins (points of attachment). Devices like that create an obstruction or shield over a chakra and sometimes other interference in the chakra that is more manipulative, such as injections of images or thoughts. These mechanical or electronic devices always have an energy cord attached to them that I can trace back to the astral life form or consciousness who sent and attached the device. Occasionally, I see devices that look mechanical where they attach but also have a parasitic astral life form connected to the mechanical attachment. These cyborg-like attachments do not always have a cord.

The most common place for implants and attachments is around the head and neck. I also encounter them quite often at the front of the solar plexus, and also sometimes at the back of the sacral chakra. I do encounter them elsewhere, but those are the most common places. Although it’s rather disgusting to talk about the details of these devices, I want to provide this information for people who might otherwise feel like they are going crazy,

Implants at the back of the neck and the base of the skull at the occipital ridge have the same purpose: to both limit and influence a person’s consciousness. Implants in this area will often have long probes up into the top of the spine and the medula oblongata for the purpose of injecting thoughts and images into the mind. People who have implants like these often feel like they are going crazy or have some psychological disorder, if they do not identify the source of the thoughts, words or images popping into their mind as coming from outside of themselves. Even if a person is aware that there is an entity involved, the barrage of thoughts and images can completely disrupt the normal functioning of that person’s life. One might call it astral harassment.

Sometimes there are plate-like attachments extending from devices at the upper neck that encroach up over the top of the head partially blocking the function of the crown chakra. And these devices are sometimes accompanied by devices on the sides of the head, centered at the minor chakras at the temples (sometimes intruding there), that create obstruction and containment on both sides of the head. This can feel like a vise pressing in on the head and a feeling that one is contained or controlled.

Devices at the solar plexus are almost always in the front forming a plate or restrictive ring that limits will expression. These restricting and controlling devices at the will center are usually rooted in the childhood condition that restricted a person’s will; almost everyone gets some form of that conditioning. Or the restricting and often penetrating device will have been attached during a traumatic childhood (or sometimes adult) experience in which the person was completely dominated and overpowered, such as a rape experience.

Devices at the sacral chakra are almost always in the back, draining energy and trying to divert or affect sexual expression. These devices attach to areas in the sacral chakra that are contracted out of fear or shame, often sexual shame or existential shame (a deep-seated feeling of unworthiness). The sexual and creative energy at the sacral chakra is a very powerful energy that astral entities will often try to tap and divert, using the energy for their own purposes.

The process for removing devices and implants is the same as the process for removing intrusive cords. First, a person should connect from his or her heart, sending a beam of light up to the heart of the sun, and wait until he or she tangibly feels the sun returning that love and sending light or energy down through the crown chakra. Once that connection is made, a person can start using his or her breath to draw in the Divine Light that flows through our sun into the crown chakra, gently expanding the crown chakra with each in-breath, and pushing out at the front and back of the head with each out-breath. One should continue breathing this way until the crown chakra expands to the full diameter of the head. Then a person can bring the focus down to the the throat chakra and continue pushing out there at the front and back until that chakra is fully expanded and the devices and restriction have been expelled and dissolved. Then one can continue pushing out at the sides of the head at the ear chakras that are centered at the temples just in front of the ears, and so on down through all the chakras.

When one reaches the root chakra, after clearing it, he or she should take the time to send a beam of light all the way down to the heart of the earth, and wait to receive the love and support that the earth has to offer. Once that connection is made, one can start using the breath to simultaneously draw in the Divine Light through the crown chakra and the earth energy through the root chakra.

In my experience, the people who come under severe attack and become implanted with devices are people who are gifted, people who have the potential to change this world. That is what the dark entities are trying to stop, diverting that gifted potential to serve their purposes if they can. “Normal people,” people who are safely “in the box,” do not, in my experience, have these implants and devices. They have emotional issues and blocks to clear, but they are not the ones who come under this kind of severe attack. So there is the silver lining: if you are someone experiencing implant or devices or other intrusive cords from fear-based astral entities, you have a gift to share in this world, a gift those dark entities are trying to stop from being expressed, but a gift nonetheless, a gift that can help to change this world for the better.

Blessings to you on your journey!


Clearing Technique

March 16, 2018


Healing is a must for all those who desire to operate in other realms of consciousness. You must have self authority and maintain control. If you are experiencing negative vibrations, they are either thought forms, limiting mental concepts, psychic bonds or discarnate entities (lost souls) in need of healing. They are bound to the earth vibration due to lower vibration attitudes and emotions. Some are coercive and desire to manipulate and control. Love heals. Casting out only sends them to another place, another person. In ALL healings, remember that God is love. It is the power of love that heals and lifts. We will give you the following steps to clear the energy.

1.Close your aura by visualizing a white or gold light around you.
2.Call upon your chosen cultural representative of God, be it Jesus, Buddha, Babaji, Mary, Mohammed, White Eagle or another one of the Beautiful Many Christed Ones.
3.Tell the entities they are healed and forgiven, lifted and enlightened. (repeat if you feel it is needed)
4.Tell them they are filled and surrounded with the Christ light and the Christ love. (or the highest consciousness and energy available)
5.Ask your chosen representative to take them to their perfect place.
6.Ask that all negative thought forms and limiting mental concepts be dissolved and lifted in the light of truth.
7.Ask that all psychic bonds be severed, and close your aura to all but spirit of the highest vibration.Repeat this process until you feel clear. There may be more than one healing to do. Remember your word is very powerful, and what is spoken on their level manifests instantly. Many enlightened ones use this process before opening. It creates a clear and safe environment, and it also lifts the one who is doing the healing. Intent is nine-tenths of the law!

Hope this helps, please share with your family and friends.

James Gilliland

Invisible Confinement

October 30, 2017

This past week I was flooded with intense Source Energy, and I became aware of energy structures that had a been a part of my field for so long that they did not seem to be structures at all; they seemed like part of myself. Certainly, I learned to adopt these confining structures at a very young age, but it did not seem like learning, not like the things I learned in school later; it seemed like that was how the world was, and this was how I was in relation to the world I was taught to perceive. That is why I call these confining structures “invisible.” They became identified with my sense of self and limited what I thought was possible for me and what I thought was real or valid.

But now that I can see them, I see that they are all false limiting structures, imposed and confining the free and loving expression of the inner self. So with the help of this blazing Source Light that intensified so much recently, I have shed them all. There may still be some remnants to brush off, but for the most part I feel a golden loving presence replacing a confined and relatively fear-based false persona

I hope that you too may shed these invisible confining structures from your being and transform yourself from a being fending for himself and his family in a fearful world to a golden shining being transforming herself and the world around her with radiant powerful Divine Light.


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