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Dissolving Energy Shields

January 6, 2019

Why would I suggest that a person dissolve his or her energy shields? Don’t we need them for our protection? It would seem so, and in the face of an attack or an emotionally threatening situation, the innate human response is to contract and shield. So it is counter-intuitive to suggest that a person is actually much better protected without the shield, with the affected chakra wide open and Divine Light streaming through. That was an epiphany for me that completely changed my life and the way I work with energy.

Shields are fear-based structures. We erect them, sometimes consciously but usually unconsciously, when we are afraid, when we feel under attack, or when we feel someone’s angry or aggressive emotion pressing in on us. Sometime we erect a shield just to try to insulate ourselves from the harshness and pain we feel in the world around us, especially if we are very empathic. All these situations that seem to justify shielding cause contraction and fear in us, and this is why the shields we make are not very effective: they are made of fear. Each shield we make is programmed by us to watch out for the specific energy we are afraid of and to keep that energy out if possible. That makes our shield a magnet for that feared energy, because they are constantly focused on it, watching out for it. Have you ever wondered why you keep attracting the same kind of energy that you don’t want over and over again? So, you see, shields actually end up doing the opposite of what we hoped they would do, attracting the feared energy rather than repelling it. In addition the presence of the shield in our energy field creates restriction, limiting our full expression.

So if shields are actually a problem rather than a solution, what can we do about them and how do we address the underlying fears that created them? Because of the underlying fears, you will not let go of a shield unless and until you feel like you have something better to protect yourself. Fortunately, the Divine Light that you can draw in through your crown and root chakras, using your breath, has the quality of dissolving or incinerating all fear-based structures. These fear-based structures include the shields that you have made as well as the objects of fear that inspired the creation of the shields.

So using the techniques that I explain in detail in the video section of my website, www.saranam.us, you can breath Divine Light into those areas that are shielded, dissolving both the shields and the fear-based energies they were erected to block. As you push out and expand with the Divine Light, directed by your breath and intention, through the shields, one by one, and into the feared energies, you experience directly that the Divine Light, with its all-dissolving power, actually does protect you better than your fear-based shields. Then, and only then, you can allow your shields to dissolve in the Divine Light as that Light continues to expand, dissolving all the feared energies around you.

The feelings of lightness, relaxation and expansion are tangible as the fear-based shields are dissolved. Now you can experience yourself as a conduit of Divine Light, and you can experience your energy as a unique expression of the Divine Light flowing through you.



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