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Deborah and Saranam in Session


Date to be announced soon!

Join Deborah and Saranam for a one-day intensive training to learn revolutionary, paradigm-shifting energy clearing and management techniques from two experienced Mt. Shasta practitioners. We will teach you self-empowering healing modalities for you to take charge of your own energy field.

We will give you an introduction to working with your energy field, including grounding, clearing and expansion. demonstrate and teach specific and more in-depth empowering energy clearing techniques in an interactive and collaborative process. Then, after we break for lunch, we will delve into more complex energy issues including entities, challenging cords, patterns from past lives and childhood experiences, energy parasites, etheric devices or implants, and more.
(Bring a bag lunch if desired or there is quick take out nearby.)

Special introductory rate of $111 per person.

Contact us:
Call or text 530-918-8177 in Mt. Shasta, CA, USA  (country code +1)
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