Spritual Healers and Practitioners in Mt. Shasta, CA
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Mt. Shasta


Many are being called “home” to sacred Mt. Shasta either to visit or to live as more lightworkers wake up to their true selves and life purpose, begin to heal themselves and step onto their spiritual path in service to the Light. If you feel drawn to the mountain at this time, it is calling you for a reason. A visit to Mt. Shasta and being in the powerful energies here can awaken you to your star origins, bring unhealed parts of yourself up for clearing and healing, open your channels of communication with divine beings and help you make deep connections with nature spirits and Mother Earth. If the mountain has called you, we are here waiting to embrace you in your return “home” and assist you with guidance and healing during your sacred visit. Listen to your heart and you will know when and for how long to make the pilgrimage to Mt. Shasta. We are happy to answer any questions you have regarding how we can be of service to you when you journey here.

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