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The False Persona

January 5, 2019

In my healing work, I often encounter a false persona, or a false layer that covers part or all of an individual, creating for that individual both a false way of perceiving him or herself and also a false way of interacting with the world. In that regard, the false persona is a shield or filter between the individual and the harshness of the world. The false persona has a few aspects. The one I see most commonly is the social mask.

In my experience, the social mask is always attached at the base of the 3rd eye, where the nose meets the eyebrows. There is usually a shield or covering over the 3rd eye, blocking full awareness there, and the social mask grows out of that. I usually see it just like a mask covering the individual’s more authentic self. Clearing the shield over the 3rd eye begins to dislodge the main point of attachment of the social mask, and with some encouragement, the mask usually just peels off. Sometimes a little more clearing is required around the jaw and mouth, and sometimes clearing of the associated block or shield over the throat chakra is required to fully remove the mask. Even then, of course it can return, and I encourage my clients to do a daily practice to keep opening to and exposing the authentic self.

In other parts of the body, the false persona looks like a thin or thick covering, sometimes as thin as a false skin, sometimes as thick as a shroud or blanket that is hiding or protecting a vulnerable or judged part of oneself, sometimes a hard shield protecting some part of oneself from attack. Sometime the covering extends over the whole body, but often times I see it covering or shrouding just one side, usually the left side. I believe this is because people usually hold the more intellectual part of themselves on the right side (controlled by the left brain), and that is the side that fits in more easily with the expectations of society, particularly during the education process. Many people who are gifted as children to see things beyond the 5 senses will be scorned or scolded or shunned or otherwise rejected for expressing what they see or feel, and this leads to the left side (usually) becoming covered so as to hide the part of themselves that is not accepted by their family, teachers or peers.

These covering, whether thick or thin, can be released as an individual breathes light and love into those parts that have been rejected and so hidden or shrouded. As the light and love expand to fill that part of the body, the shroud or covering starts to peel off. In the case of shields or hard coverings, more intensity of light is required, enough so that the individual feels not only that he or she can dissolve the shield, but also that he or she will be better protected by the Divine Light flowing through, dissolving the feared energies. Only when the individual actually experiences the power of the Divine Light to dissolve the objects of fear can he or the truly release the fear-based shield that had been his or her source of protection.

When a person finally peels of his or her false persona, the false layer covering the body, he or she feels much lighter and freer. If there was anxiety, it is usually gone at that point. Imagine how much anxiety a person can have feeling like he or she has to constantly hide his or her true self and guard against it being discovered! Yes, once the authentic self is revealed there is lightness and freedom. But a person must continue with a daily practice until it feels completely natural to exist in the authentic self, and the old false persona, that seemed so necessary for survival, is completely discarded


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